Friends & Family Test

FFTWe welcome patient feedback to tell us what we are doing right and what we can improve.

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a quick and simple patient feedback tool, to tell us how satisfied or dissatisfied you have been with your treatment or care at the surgery.

The questions

If you visit our surgery, you may be asked to give some feedback about whether or not you would recommend us to your family and friends.

There will be two simple questions:

    • How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they need similar care or treatment?

You will be asked to choose from 6 options, ranging from 'extremely likely' to 'extremely unlikely'.

    • Overall, how would you describe your experience of making an appointment?

You will have 5 options to select from, ranging from 'Very Good' to 'Very Poor'.

You can complete the Friends & Family questionnaire online here.

If you are signed up to our free text messaging service, you may be asked by text message or we may give you a simple handout in the surgery. Your response is anonymous, and you can post replies in the prescription box on reception on your way out.

What will we do with the results?

The information will give us valuable feedback on what you think of the care and treatment you have received. This will help us to improve the experience for patients in the future.

More Information

The Friends and Family Test has already been successfully used in hospitals across the country. More information on the Friends and Family Test can be found on NHS Choices - Friends and Family Test on NHS Choices


The Patient Advice and Liaison Service can help you if you have any questions or concerns when you are using NHS services.

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers confidential advice, support, and information on health-related matters for patients, families, and carers.

They are a great first point of call if you have any questions or concerns when you are using NHS services. For example, you may wish to find out about an outpatient appointment, or you have a concern about hospital services.

If you would like more information about PALS, the functions it is intended to provide and the standards it should strive to achieve, follow these links:


Leeds Teaching Hospital PALS

Leeds Community Service PALS

Leeds Mental Health Service PALS

Patient Participation Group

Get involved with the practice to help us improve our service.

What is the Patient Participation Group?

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are a unique partnership between patients, GPs, and their practice.

The PPGs

  • help patients to take more responsibility for their health.
  • contribute to the continuous improvement of services and quality of care.
  • foster improved communication between the practice and its patients.
  • provide practical support for the practice and help to implement change.

The Shadwell Medical Centre PPG is open to any registered patient to join. The Practice Manager and usually a GP (where possible) attend the meetings.

The meetings are held to discuss matters relating to the services provided and how the PPG can assist the medical team with new initiatives. They are not a forum for discussing individual complaints or issues and members of the group do not have access to any patient information.

The PPG hold occasional Open afternoons, which are also attended by other local service providers.

The group is also a member of the National Association for Patient Participation.

If you would like to join the Patient Participation Group please download the signup form here and send it in to the practice.

You can send a message to the PPG online here.

For further information, please contact the Practice Manager.

Patient satisfaction survey

We undertake regular patient surveys about the Practice. It is important for us to listen to your views about the service we offer, so as to help us define some of our annual service improvement projects.

Zero tolerance

A zero tolerance policy towards violent, threatening and abusive behaviour is now in place throughout the NHS.

The doctors, nurses and staff in this practice have the right to do their work in an environment free from violent, threatening, or abusive behaviour and everything will be done to protect that right.

This policy is for the protection of all NHS staff, but also for the protection of other patients, their families, visitors, etc. Further information is available on the Leeds CCG web site Abuse is not in a day’s work - NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (

At no time will any such behaviour be tolerated in this practice. If you do not respect the rights of our staff, we may choose to inform the police and make arrangements for you to be removed from our medical list.